Clear Aligners in Roslyn Heights, NY

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What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are the most recent addition to orthodontic treatment. This new way of straightening teeth and aligning the bite is becoming increasingly more popular. The treatment uses clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth to gradually shift them into the desired position. The aligners are virtually invisible, providing a more subtle orthodontic treatment option than traditional metal braces.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligner systems have many benefits: 

  • Discreet. Clear aligners are barely visible on the teeth. Most people won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing them. 
  • Comfortable. Clear aligners are made of smooth, flexible plastic that won’t cause irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth. 
  • Convenient. Clear aligners are removable for eating and cleaning your teeth. There are no foods to avoid and no special tools required for brushing and flossing. 
  • Effective. Clear aligners can correct many of the same orthodontic issues as traditional braces, often in a shorter amount of time. 
  • Affordable. Clear aligner systems are comparable to the cost of traditional braces and often cost less than clear brackets. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

To determine whether or not you are a good candidate for clear aligners, you’ll need a brief evaluation of your existing teeth. Clear aligners can correct typical orthodontic issues such as overbite, crooked teeth, and gaps between the teeth. However some orthodontic conditions are too severe for clear aligners and may require braces to correct. We will provide a recommendation for the best orthodontic treatment for your specific needs.

Why Choose Dental Associates for Kids Only?

Dental Associates for Kids Only is a full service dental and orthodontic practice. We provide the professional services children and adolescents need to have a healthy, beautiful smile under one roof. Our doctors and staff are specially trained and have experience working with children and teens, building positive relationships that encourage good oral hygiene habits. We strive to help our patients establish a solid foundation from an early age that will lead to a lifetime of dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Aligners

Can anyone get clear aligners?

Not all patients will be ideal candidates for clear aligners, but the vast majority will. A simple evaluation is all that is required to determine eligibility for clear aligner treatment.

Are clear aligners covered by insurance?

If your dental insurance includes coverage for orthodontic treatment, clear aligners usually qualify. The only way to be sure is to contact your insurance provider and inquire about coverage for clear aligner systems.

How long does clear aligner treatment take?

The average length of treatment for clear aligners ranges from 6 to 18 months, which is shorter than traditional braces treatment in most cases. The total length of treatment depends on a few different factors including the extent of the corrections you need and how well you follow your orthodontist’s instructions regarding wearing your aligners. 

How do you clean the aligners?

Brush your aligners with a soft bristled toothbrush and clear, unscented soap. Use a different toothbrush from the one you use on your teeth and avoid using toothpaste because it is abrasive and may scratch your aligners. Rinse them off well whenever you remove them to keep them clean between brushing.

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