Pediatric Dental Anesthesiologist in Roslyn Heights

Dental Associates for Kids Only, LLP benefits from a professional Pediatric Dental Anesthesiologist in Roslyn Heights, NY. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 516-625-3806.

What is a Pediatric Dental Anesthesiologist?

Generally, local anesthesia is used for pediatric dental procedures. This doesn’t require any extra care or attention, but is rather routine in nature. For those young patients who tend to be fearful, uncooperative, or have a high level of anxiety, general anesthesia (also known as IV sedation) is often used – especially for in-depth procedures. 

A pediatric dental anesthesiologist is one who oversees the administration of this sedation to ensure the safety of the patient at every step along the way.

Benefits of Having a Pediatric Dental Anesthesiologist

While certain dental professionals obtain training in administering IV sedation, it is not often as extensive as the training received by a pediatric dental anesthesiologist. Having someone with such high-quality skill and knowledge as part of our dental team is comforting for both parents and our patients.

Why Choose Dental Associates for Kids Only, LLP?

We care deeply for our patients and want to give them the best dental experience. In order to do that, sometimes sedation dentistry is needed to quash nerves and anxiety. To ensure that it is the most comfortable – yet careful – situation imaginable, we believe it is important to have a pediatric dental anesthesiologist. So, we do. 

At Dental Associates for Kids Only, LLP, we have a strong passion for treating the dental needs of kids of all ages – and we always have their best interest and safety in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sedation dentistry really effective?

Yes, absolutely. When used under the careful supervision of a pediatric dental anesthesiologist, sedation dentistry can be very effective in providing a comfortable, calm, and pain-free dental experience. 

Should my child be sedated for dental work?

It depends. Most dental procedures include local anesthesia. However, nitrous oxide and IV sedation are often reserved for those patients that have a bit of unease when it comes to treatment. 

Who can benefit from general anesthesia?

Those who have complex dental procedures, such as extensive tooth decay or surgical dental procedures, may benefit from the use of general anesthesia.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 516-625-3806.