Clear Brackets in Roslyn Heights, NY

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What are Clear Brackets?

Clear brackets are like traditional metal braces, but they are made of clear or tooth colored ceramic. Clear brackets are less noticeable than metal brackets, but the archwire is still metal and remains visible. Overall they provide a more subtle look than metal braces, but are not as clear as Invisalign.

Benefits of Clear Brackets

Clear brackets offer many benefits: 

  • Look more subtle. Clear brackets blend in with your teeth and offer a more subtle look than metal braces. 
  • As effective as metal braces. Traditional braces are the most effective orthodontic treatment for many patients. Even if your orthodontic needs are too extensive for clear aligner systems, clear brackets may still be an option for you. 
  • Bonding material is gentler on tooth enamel. The bonding material used to attach the ceramic brackets to the front of the teeth does not demineralize the enamel the way the bonding material used for metal braces does. 

Are you a good candidate for Clear Brackets?

Your orthodontist can evaluate your teeth and determine whether or not clear brackets would be effective for you. Most patients do qualify for this treatment, as it works essentially the same way that metal braces do. Traditional braces are capable of exerting the most force on teeth to shift them into proper alignment. Ceramic braces are not quite as strong as metal and are subject to breaking, but in most cases they are able to achieve the same results. 

Why Choose Dental Associates for Kids Only?

Dental Associates for Kids Only conveniently provides dental services and orthodontic services under one roof. There’s no need to get a referral to a separate orthodontist if the need arises. It also allows us to monitor our patients closely as they grow and develop so that if orthodontic intervention is needed, we can provide it at the appropriate time. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent or reduce the need for future treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Brackets

Are there any disadvantages of clear brackets?

Clear brackets are not as strong as metal, making them more likely to break. However, advancements in technology have made them stronger than before, and they are less likely to break as long as you follow the necessary eating restrictions. The only other disadvantage is that they can become discolored from foods and beverages and may need more thorough cleaning to remove stains.

Is there any way to make the archwire less visible?

Sometimes the archwire is colored to match your teeth so that it won’t stand out as much. It is still visible most of the time, but it doesn’t detract from your smile to the extent that metal braces do. 

Do clear brackets cost more than metal?

On average, clear brackets cost more than metal brackets. The difference may range from $1,000-$2,000 more than what you pay for metal braces. The total cost of treatment depends on a variety of factors such as the length of treatment and the extent of the corrections you need.

Are clear brackets covered by insurance?

If your dental insurance includes coverage for orthodontics, it is typically paid in one lump sum toward orthodontic treatment. Ceramic brackets should qualify for insurance coverage, but it is always best to contact your insurance provider for specific information.

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