What Is In The Dental Sealants Used For Children's Teeth?

What Is In The Dental Sealants Used For Children’s Teeth?

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Childhood is an exciting time, full of growth and many changes. It is also a formative time, a period in which your child learns habits that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Helping your child learn good oral hygiene habits is vital, but even kids who learn to brush and floss daily may find themselves susceptible to cavities. Fortunately, dental sealants are a great way to help protect your child’s teeth.

Dental sealants are a very popular treatment, reducing the risk of teeth decay in children for up to 10 years once applied. What is a dental sealant made of? What does dental sealant treatment look like? Are there any health risks with dental sealant treatment? Get the answers to all of your dental sealant questions here at DAFKO.

What are dental sealants made of?

Dental sealants are translucent plastic resin coatings that are placed on the grooved chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. As your child’s teeth are growing in, these small grooves are hard for children to thoroughly brush. Dental sealants help cover up these areas, reducing the risk of cavities developing in your children’s teeth by 80% according to the CDC.

They are very similar to the resins used in adult teeth as part of cosmetic treatment, and depending when your child gets them dental sealants may even last into young adulthood. With good oral hygiene, dental sealants can last up to 12 years, giving your children the time they need for their adult teeth to grow in fully without decay setting in.

What can I expect from dental sealant treatment?

Most pediatric dentists recommend beginning treatment once your child’s molars emerge, which typically happens at the age of six, or around the time your child will start to get dental x-rays done. After performing an examination, dentists will clean and dry your child’s teeth in preparation for treatment. A gel is often applied to prepare teeth for sealant application as well.

Once the teeth are ready, a liquid plastic sealant is applied to the teeth, with a blue light used to harden it into its final state. Treatment is quick and painless, so you won’t have to worry about anesthesia either. In fact, the average dental sealant treatment takes just 30 to 60 minutes to complete from the moment you walk into a dental office for your appointment.

Are there any health risks that come with dental sealant treatment?

For the most part, dental sealant treatment is completely safe. The procedure has been approved by both the CDC and the American Dental Association, and is so effective both organizations highly recommend that child patients get dental treatment. While children are exposed to a trace amount of BPA during treatment, current evidence shows that the amount is so low, there are no BPA health concerns associated with dental sealant treatment.

The only potential health risk to be aware of is from the plastic resin material used during sealant treatment. Patients who are highly allergic to plastics may react negatively to dental sealants. Please make sure to share your child’s medical history with your pediatric dentist before dental sealant treatment to avoid potential allergic reactions.

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